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We are involved in several exhibitions each year, of which two - the sculpture garden at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, and the Annual & Awards Exhibition, are well established. Recently we have assumed responsibility for exhibiting sculpture at the Herring Island gallery, and so as part of the annual Herring Island Summer Arts Festival we manage a small exhibition in February of each year.

Clicking on an exhibition title will show you more information about that particular show, including the venue, the running dates for the next show, the winners of any prizes and so forth.

Since 2003, we have been recording the details, and usually at least one image, of each exhibited work in our online database. You can view the online catalogue for each recorded exhibition using the select-list below.

View Annual & Awards Exhibition Annual & Awards Exhibition

For many years the Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual and Awards Exhibition was held in public places in the city. The idea was that people would come upon it rather than having to go to a gallery. We had shows at the Rialto, 161 Collins Street, the AMP building and the Telstra Building. After a time foyer space became hard to find and we elected to go out of town – to the Manningham ArtSpace; Montsalvat; the Light Factory, Eltham and the Yarra Sculpture Space. In 2014 we were fortunate to find space in the city – at 120 Collins Street – and held a grand exhibition to celebrate our return. In 2015 and again in 2016 the Annual and Awards Exhibition takes place at Bourke Place, 600 Bourke street Melbourne.

The Annual Exhibition has two award sections:


View Herring Island Summer Exhibition Herring Island Summer Exhibition

Herring Island Summer Exhibition

View Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Since 1996 the Association of Sculptors has run a major Sculpture exhibition at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. We have occupied three different outdoor site and run the exhibition indoors on two occasions. In 2012 we will be showing work on the Central Boulevard.

The exhibition will be presented and judged in sections:

  • Carved work
  • Moulded work - either directly modelled as in fired ceramics or cast from a modelling as in cast bronze
  • Fabricated or assembled work or installations