Committee Info
  • President President

    Jan Indrans

  • Immediate Past President Exhibition Coordinator
    Gillian Govan

    Gillian Govan

    Annual Exhibition Coordinator, Immediate Past President

  • Vice President Vice-President
    Michael Meszaros OAM

    Michael Meszaros OAM

  • Secretary Secretary

    John Bishop

    This is the position of the secretary

  • Treasurer Treasurer

    John Ride

    This is the Position of the Treasurer

  • Committee Member Coordinator

    Jackie Mackinnon

    Committee Member, Publicity Officer

  • Kinross Exhibition Coordinator Exhibition Coordinator

    Monica Mauer Jan

    Kinross Art Centre Exhibition Coordinator

  • Newsletter Editor Newsletter Editor
    Jenny Rickards

    Jenny Rickards

  • Membership Membership Coordinator

    Robert Kendi

    Membership Officer receives applications and processes them to the treasurer and then the database. Issues membership acceptances. Maintains the membership database.

  • Herring Island Sculpture Exhibition Coordinator Exhibition Coordinator
    Jenny Rickards

    Jenny Rickards

    Herring Island Sculpture Exhibition Coordinator