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He Watches Over Me Sweet Delight Autumn Surprise

Jocelyn Hee

  • Works online: 3 Total prizes: No prizes won.
  • Preferred media: ceramic, clay,
  • Sculpture styles: figurative, fountains/water features,
  • Sculpture scales: small (0 - 100cm),
  • Sculpture settings: indoor, outdoor,
  • Works to Comission: Yes
  • Runs Classes: No
Jocelyn Hee short bio

Jocelyn is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne. She is enamoured by cute, pretty things; cheerful bright colours; and imaginative whimsical creations that may be improbable or even impossible in reality. Japanese culture has the word 'kawaii' to describe a specific aesthetic incorporating playful innocence and cuteness which partly describes the work she makes.

In creating ceramic objects she tries to evoke new meanings from familiar associations, imbuing the resulting objects with a funny, quirky, quaint quality. A cushion, an oversized wrapped sweet, a squishy soft toy - they evoke warmth, happy memories and laughter, yet brought to life as ceramics, they can sit in gardens, under trees, brushed by rain, kissed by the winds, interacting with the world in a way that would be impossible to achieve in reality.

She is fascinated by garden sculptures, for she loves unexpected things poking out of a garden: a magic mushroom, a fairy or sprite. She is inspired by the mysteries of the woods and forests - all things enchanting, magical and make-believe.

Jocelyn works mainly in earthernware, slips and underglazes. Apart from sculptures, she makes jewellery and wearable art; functional ware like spoons, cups and bowls.

Exhibitions History
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
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No prizes won.