Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: Unknown
  • Dimensions: 161cm H 107cm W 12cm D
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Media: recycled materials
  • Sculpture Pictures: 3
  • Sculpture Weight: 7kg
  • Sculpture Price: $2,800.
  • Edition:

   Sculpture Description

This sculpture came from spending time walking along the Thames while living in London. I would watch the Cormorants along the river diving for fish and spreading their wings to dry in the sun upon the various unused piers along the river. During one of these walks I found a very old piece of oak on the riverbank and realised that it was the exact same shape as the Cormorants body. This find gave me the idea to create this sculpture from objects I found along the river. The Thames has been the city’s garbage tip for literally thousands of years, so I wanted to capture some of the history in my sculpture as well. From an old sole of a shoe to a piece of bog oak that, judging by the coloration, is likely hundreds of years old, I included both junk and natural found objects to create the bird, illustrating how civilization and the river have grown together for millennia.

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