Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: 2018
  • Dimensions: 35h x 47w x 20d cm
  • Weight: 40kgs
  • Media: alabaster
  • Sculpture Pictures: 4
  • Sculpture Weight: 40kgs
  • Edition: unique

   Sculpture Description

Ice Angel' an abstracted female form that materialized organically from raw stone, through its colour, features, faults and shape. Working directly to the stone allows me to create visually-inviting, free-flowing sculptures, often enticing the viewer  to consider the juxtaposition between hard, uncompromising stone and a soft sensual form, with the temptation to touch. She reflects a normal woman, either putting on or removing her coat of feathers or wings, exposing her true self,they are her armor, or the idea of her that she wishes to portray to the world.

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