Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: 2020
  • Dimensions: 40h x 20w x 40d cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Media: Bronze and glass
  • Sculpture Pictures: 5
  • Sculpture Weight: 15 kg
  • Edition: Bronze 1 of 2-Glass Unique

   Sculpture Description

Imagine, for a moment, the most glorious beach. The water is sparkling as you walk barefoot in the sand. While you look around at its vastness, you see the most amazing, colourful bird in the sky. The bird flies right up to you. You hold your arms out towards the bird and, to your astonishment, it lands right in your hands! You drop to your knees, careful to balance this new friend. You feel the connection with this beautiful, powerful creature. This sculpture is an allegory for our relationship with nature and wildlife - so precious, beautiful, mysterious - and fragile. A responsibility we hold in our hands; as well as a treasure to nurture and celebrate - how lucky we are!

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