Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: 2020
  • Dimensions: 170h x 40w x 40d cm
  • Weight: 50-60 kg
  • Media: MIld Steel - polished and blue patina. Cast brass and copper snake heads. Sculpture has been clear coated with polyurethane for indoor use so it wont rust
  • Sculpture Pictures: 4
  • Sculpture Weight: 50-60 kg
  • Edition: Unique

   Sculpture Description

The Medusa myth has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. Some say she is the original femme fatale. Gaze into her eyes and you will turn to stone. Perseus was able to defeat Medusa by looking at her image through a mirrored shield. Some psychologists suggest as an archetype the Medusa myth might represent the challenge of self transformation, that only by looking in the mirror and facing your own monsters can you manifest self change.

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