Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: 2021
  • Dimensions: 50x100x40
  • Weight: 10
  • Media: Eucalyptus hard wood
  • Sculpture Pictures: 5
  • Sculpture Weight: 10
  • Edition: Eucalyptus hard wood

   Sculpture Description

Leafy sea dragons are the masters of disguise, hiding in plain sight they blend effortlessly into their environment. Something that I find myself doing many times.

Judges' Comments:

The sculpture made a good use of its materials to simulate the effcts of water and seaweed. The work invites close inspection and reveals itelf slowly. At first the fish, discared bottle and face mask  are not visible but once they become apparent the meaning of the work becomes clear, and it makes a strong environmental statement. The work is technically very well executed and is very effective as a piece of three dimensional sculpture. The content and meaning of the wrok is also very timely and speaks loudly of the environments challenges we face.

Exhibitions History
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Prizes History
View Sea Dragon Sea Dragon has won:
  • CARE prize for endangered species at 2021 Victoria Sculpture Prize