Sculpture Information
  • Year Created: 2022
  • Dimensions: 40cm H x 150cm W x 220cm L
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Media: Powder Coated Steel
  • Sculpture Pictures: 5
  • Sculpture Weight: 30kg
  • Edition: Unique

   Sculpture Description

The idea for Spider was born as part of my 3-D optical illusion stencil art practice. Inspired by the fractal geometry of ancient Persian rugs, which map traditional beliefs into their weaving, I created a tessellation style organic looking figure of floor stencils that appear to float when viewed from one focal point. As a shape shifter, this image invited me to transform it into a physical three-dimensional piece. In its current sculptural form, Spider maps the contrast between the organic and human-made, between light and shadow, and the exploration of all the spaces in between.

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