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We strongly encourage online buyers to contact one of the exhibition coordinators or a sitter if you are physically present at the Show, to help clarify any queries prior to buying. If you haven't done it yet, please feel free to contact us using our Enquiry Form.

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Basic pre-purchase information:

Please feel free to contact us using our Enquiry Form.

You probably have questions about a work that you are considering buying. Here we have a checklist of items that might help. We also suggest that you approach exhibition staff or email the exhibition coordinator using the form below to resolve any uncertainties.

  • Purchased work will be delivered by or may be collected from the artist after the close of the exhibition on 2 July 2024 .
  • or you can arrange with the artist for delivery. Costs may be involved with delivery - for example if distances are excessive and/or specialist services are involved.
  • When purchasing work it is advisable to check whether there are maintenance or installation requirements.
  • White plinths are generally the property of the artist and do not form part of the sale. If there is a plinth that goes with the work please check that it does indeed form part of the sold work so that you know how you can display the work.
  • Where work is listed as unique it means the artist made only one of the sculptures, where there is an edition number it means that the process of creation involved a mould or pattern such that the work could be repeated. The first number in the edition record refers to the number of times the work has already been produced, the second number refers to the maximum number of times this will be done.
  • Part of the sales documentation involves the purchaser acknowledging the artist's moral rights. These rights include respecting the artist’s rights in the work - acknowledging their authorship, not damaging the work and not reproducing the work without express permission such as a copyright agreement.

Already contacted the ASV and ready to buy?