Separation and Consolidation 3

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Separation and Consolidation 3

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Seemingly primitive animal instincts lurk in our depths, waiting for the chance to emerge in a conscious moment. The sculptures focus on human psychology, articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, the figures show themselves to be wild or well-behaved, hovering in tense moments. Below the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression and misunderstandings they want to leave behind. That which is unspoken is more important than the spoken. One can read meaning in the subtle signs; a look, the way you hold your hands, the tilt of your head, the slightest unconscious gesture.

Price $13,800.00  BUY ($13,800.00)
Media Pawlonia, fabric
Dimensions 161h x 41w x 69d cm
Weight 50 kg
Year created 2021
Edition Unique



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