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While we have been consumed by coronavirus for the past two years there is an ongoing problem with the environment particularly our use of plastic and what we do with it after we’ve used and discarded it and where it eventually ends up, Most ends up in landfill. Not much is recycled. We have the floating rubbish dumps in the Pacific where the plastics we discard ends up as many tons of rubbish that washes up on the shores of Pacific Island states polluting their beaches. Sea creatures ingest this rubbish. A lot of it ends up on the ocean floor. Scoophead is made of discarded plastic rope that washes into shore. He is a bottom feeder who swims along symbolically vacuuming up rubbish from the bottom of the ocean with his big mouth. He swallows so much that he has turned into rubbish itself.

Price $3,800.00
Media Ocean Rubbish Ghostnets
Dimensions 50cm H x 150cm W x 80cm D
Weight 5kg
Year created 2023
Edition unique piece
Technical Support: NA



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