Unsuspecting Ghosts of a Climate Crises

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Unsuspecting Ghosts of a Climate Crises

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This hand formed ceramic sculpture is part of introducing a more eco friendly approach to my art practice. Using reclaimed clays and glazes discarded from a small production studio and a one firing to earthenware to reduce electricity. The symbol of the unsuspecting white ghost like koala as he entrusts his future in nature, while humans ravage his habitat for corporate greed. The hollow log coloured in dark gold represents the gala sector, while raising some funds, it is usually about staus and ego. Most koala habitat is owned by small hobby farmers and eco warriors in Australia.

Price $1,200.00  BUY ($1,200.00)
Media Reclaimed ceramic materials, found objects.
Dimensions 45cm high, 26cm wide, 26cm deep
Weight 1 kilo
Year created 2023
Edition unique
Technical Support:



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