Acorn Sculpture

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My sculpture, "Acorn Sculpture," embodies the convergence of nature's elegance and human craftsmanship. Crafted from corten steel and meticulously laser-cut to depict the iconic shape of an acorn, this outdoor installation celebrates the intricate beauty found in the simplest of forms. The acorn, a symbol of potential and growth, serves as a reminder of the cycle of life and the inherent beauty in every stage of existence. As viewers interact with the sculpture, they are invited to contemplate the resilience and vitality present in nature's smallest creations. The choice of corten steel, with its distinctive rust finish, adds depth and character to the piece. Over time, as the sculpture weathers and evolves, it will continue to mirror the natural processes of transformation and renewal, further emphasizing the interconnectedness between art and the environment.

Price $1,230.00  BUY ($1,230.00)
Dimensions 90 x 46 x 36
Weight 17
Year created 2002
Edition Unique
Technical Support: Entanglements



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