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Orb is a captivating sculpture that illuminates under light. I designed this sculpture over many years. After creating "Off Center," I became fascinated with the shadow cast by the railway spring clip. However, they were very heavy and not the easiest to weld. I began making shapes that resembled the railway spring clips. I managed to make 10 or 12 out of steel, but with great difficulty. I made a sphere in the dirt with an old basketball and tacked them together. I loved it, the shadow was there but it wasn’t very impressive as it was only one third of a sphere and was eventually thrown out by one of my housemates. Eight years later, still intrigued, I decided to give it another try. This time, I used a homemade bending tool and a more ductile material like aluminum. I managed to form a few milk crates worth of these shapes and welded them into a 500mm diameter sphere, which soon became a pendant light showcasing the shadow cast by a railway spring clip. With an exhibition approaching, and motivated to create something impressive, I decided to make Orb 1.5m in diameter, Which presented many more challenges during the build. upon completion i was overwhelmingly impressed by how this sculpture looks and how it transitions in different locations, lighting, movement and the magnificent shadow cast by this piece. Orb 2023 6060 10mm Aluminum Rod 1.5 meters in diameter

Price $8,900.00  BUY ($8,900.00)
Media 10mm 6060 Aluminum rod
Dimensions 150cm in diameter mounted on a stand which is 240cm high by 14cm wide and 140 cm long the stand is for display only
Weight 40
Year created 2023
Edition 1
Technical Support: Fabricator



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