Primordial Enigma

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Primordial Enigma delves into the interplay between reality and the subconscious, where shapes from dreams and imagination materialise into tangible forms. I sculpt representations of these ephemeral forms that inhabit my artistic visions. Familiar shapes transform and merge into enigmatic entities—sometimes resembling fungi, body parts, or even entire creatures.

These fluid forms emerge from the solidity of the wood, inviting you into a realm of interpretation and projection onto my personal narratives.

My mentor and his workers laughed when I chose this piece of wood for it's various knots and eyes. I followed these features to guide the form using chainsaw and chisels. The process is a collaboration between artist and material, each stroke of the tool is a dialogue with the medium, a dance between intention and spontaneity to bring these forms to fruition.

Price $700.00  BUY ($700.00)
Media Suar wood carving
Dimensions 40 x 38 x 21cm
Weight 4kg
Year created 2024
Technical Support:



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