The True News Initiative’s Eye of the One Truth

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The True News Initiative’s Eye of the One Truth

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Once upon a time in a land far away a good king ruled over his subjects with a firm but just hand but one day foreign actors of ill intent and unapproved thinkers began spreading mal-information, confusing the common folk leading them to question the King's international rules based order. To counter these forces of chaos and evil the wise King created The True News Initiative so that the common people could distinguish between truth and falsehood without having to actually think for themselves. And there was much dancing and rejoicing in the streets as anyone who objected to genocide got taken away to have their thinking corrected. I created this sculpture as a tribute to the Kings big brotherly love for his people.

Price $2,600.00  BUY ($2,600.00)
Media Concrete, various oxides, fly screen, chicken wire, paint, eye of newt
Dimensions 101cm x 41cm x 50cm
Weight 14 kg
Year created 2024
Edition Unique
Technical Support: None



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