Whispers of the Garden

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Whispers of the Garden

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My ceramic totems embody the tranquil harmony found in nature's chaos, I aim to capture the serene beauty of a garden in bloom. Each piece is a symbol of harmony and companionship, reflecting the whispered conversations of nature's elements. Amidst the chaos of fallen leaves and earthly clutter, my totems stand tall, reminding us of the quiet strength found in unity. In this serene setting, harmony thrives, revealing the beauty of coexistence. Through these totems, I invite viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of life and I hope to evoke a sense of peace and encourage a deeper connection with the natural world that surrounds us.

Price $18,000.00  BUY ($18,000.00)
Media Ceramic, metal and wood
Dimensions H:200 cm x W:200 cm x D:100 cm (2 Totems)
Weight 2 Totems approximately 40 Kg each
Year created 2023
Edition Two Unique Ceramic Totems
Technical Support: Wheel thrown ceramics designed and created in my ceramic studio



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