Gavin Roberts | Sculptor profile
Gavin Roberts A fools folly Protea Living in the pentagon Waiting for water Two worlds apart Dwell Grounded Banished buildings Wren its all gone Banished Buildings Metro Mourning Rhombus Gill Tell me Wren No Going Back Wildlife Afterlife Containment Arc Brace The Catch Burning Heart Fire Spoon of Gippsland We are one Kiwi abroad Still at heart Ye Ole Consumer Trap The High Life Wren you coming home? Runcible spoon The Ticker Excess Baggage II Greyscale - Whitenoise Antediluvian Bloom Weight of Fashion Red Gum Ocean Yarra Plight of the Social Climber Floral Reigns The Wild Waves Wist Phoenix Findings Eye Strain Excess Baggage OK in There? Kinetic Wren Life All Consuming Ancient Bowl Going Solo Spring Wonderment The Real Entertainer Polished Flower Yarra Layers Reclaimed Redback Cog Emperor

Gavin Roberts

  • Works online: 55 Total prizes: 6
  • Preferred media: colourbond steel, mild steel, timber,
  • Sculpture styles: installations, kinetic,
  • Sculpture scales: small (0 - 100cm), medium (100 - 200cm), large (200cm+),
  • Sculpture settings: indoor, outdoor, public,
  • Works to Comission: No
  • Runs Classes: No
Gavin Roberts short bio

With training and experience in Architecture and construction Gavin has a sound understanding of both structural and design elements and uses his love of timber and steel to create the useful through to the whimsical. Gavin Focuses his creative time between making smaller pieces such as jewellery and accessories in between larger commission pieces for either public or private display. Gavin has many large public commissioned works visible throughout his home of Gippsland and has entered in several combined exhibitions, He currently working towards his first solo exhibition.
My future goal is to create more large scale commissioned artwork while still creating small fun items that can be owned, used and shared.
I hope you enjoy my work...Gavin.

Exhibitions History
Prizes History
Annual & Awards Exhibition Annual & Awards Exhibition
2023 Two worlds apart won Dalchem Prize
2018 Runcible spoon won Tina Wentcher Sculpture Prize Highly Commended
2016 Excess Baggage won People’s Choice Award
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
2024 Protea won Melbourne Flower & Garden Show Estate Sculpture First Prize
2018 Greyscale - Whitenoise won Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Estate Sculpture Special Mention
2015 Polished Flower won MIF&GS Prize for Carved Sculpture First Prize