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‘Introduced’ extends my research on the close relationship between the notions of multiplicity and belonging.
Establishing parallelisms with Nature, the work poses questions around identity and the collective.
Throughout my ongoing use of pine needles, ‘Introduced’ investigates the links between the individual and the group, the ties that bind us together.
Being from an introduced species and leaning on each other, approx. 35,000 interwoven Radiata Pine/Pinus Radiata’s fallen pine needles and a monumental bronze pine needle function as a metaphor of the concept of migration, and explore the complexities of human identity.

Price $14,000.00  BUY ($14,000.00)
Media Approx. 35,000 Pinus Radiata Fallen Pine Needles, bronze
Dimensions 25h x 85w x 50d cm
Weight 3 kg
Year created 2017
Technical Support:



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