Entangled Mirror Flower

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Entangled Mirror Flower

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Entangled Mirror Flower. A balm for the senses. An enigma for the mind. A resonance for the heart. The most romantic aspect of quantum physics is entanglement, a phenomenon Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’. When particles are entangled they continue to mirror each other, even when separated by cosmic distances. Entangled Mirror Flower is a form that embodies a state of dance, precisely because it mirrors a corresponding resonance: one that inexplicably transcends acts of physical separation.

Judges' comments on winning the 2022 Dalchem Prize

A stimulating, fluid, dancing ribbon like form, expertly resolved to evoke natural forms, scientific symbols and more. The artist's statement created an interface between science and the spirit!  When particles are entangled, they continue to mirror each other, even separated by cosmic distance. Beautifully executed and presented.

Price $13,806.00  BUY ($13,806.00)
Media Mirror Polished #316 Stainless with Titanium Plating
Dimensions 49h x 49w x 42d cm
Weight 4 kgs
Year created 2020
Edition Ed 1 of 25
Technical Support: Fabricator



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