Bursting Free

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Life is ever-changing and despite the struggles and turmoil we experience, people are highly adaptable, and it is through our personal struggles that we are able to transform and change. It takes time, perseverance and endless struggle to achieve any transformation towards freedom from the darkness that enshrouded us during our times of pain. Hold onto any spark of light that shines through your darkness, let it reach you, fill your struggles with purpose and allow you to travel the path towards the open brightness of possibility. Let go of the restrictive grasp that darkness holds on you as you overcome your struggles bit by bit and allow yourself to be transformed into something new and beautiful. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, freedom and rebirth and are messengers of hope, let these butterflies escape from the darkness bring you hope and show you the beauty that can be found in the light.

Price $977.00  BUY ($977.00)
Media Mixed Media. Acrylic, Resin, Tile, Pigments, Wire, Canvas, Recycled Glass, 3D Printed Parts, Solar LEDS, Foam Clay, Paint.
Dimensions 60x60x60
Weight 21kg
Year created 2024
Edition Unique
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