2004 Annual & Awards Exhibition
Exhibition description

Nobody can really know what goes on in another person's mind and many people go to much trouble to keep their thoughts concealed.

Sculptors, along with artists of other disciplines, are amongst those who allow others an insight into their perceptions, thoughts, rationales, conclusions and attitudes. Whilst this seems to be extroverted behaviour, it is curious that many artists are otherwise introverted and their art is their main medium of communication beyond everyday necessities.

Our exhibition contains works by sculptors of many perceptions, each with their own rationales and conclusions on a multitude of subjects. Whatever their personalities, the fact that they have produced their work and put it on show is an indication of their conviction and their desire to share their ideas and feelings with others.

It is not only the end product, but also the process of turning an idea into a three dimensional expression that gives clues to an artist's inner workings.

We hope that you enjoy these insights.

Start Date
22 Aug 2004
End Date
02 Sep 2004
Telstra Centre
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2004 Annual & Awards Exhibition Sculptures submitted at 2004 Annual & Awards Exhibition

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